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BestCareHomeCare is committed to taking care of Alzheimer’s patients with hearing loss


With the cases of Alzheimer’s disease increasing at an alarming rate, in North Virginia, we do feel a pressing need to address the issue through our skilled HomeCare services to the affected. Added to this worrying scenario is hearing ability loss that the majority of Alzheimer’s patients are suffering from, in North Virginia. In a recent meeting with the BestCare service providers, BHI or The Better Hearing Institute has emphasized the urgency of attending to Alzheimer’s patients with hearing loss and called it a crucial need of the hour. BestCareHomeCare is in the loop, with a greater responsibility towards the patients and society at large.

The problem of hearing loss among Alzheimer’s patients has loomed large over past few years. It has worsened the situation and made daily life more difficult for them and their family members. It is more strenuous than a challenge for many families to take care of the patients with lost hearing ability. BHI urged the home care givers of North Virginia to step ahead and assist the families with their skilled care services for these patients. In response to the urge, we at BestCareHomeCare have come up with commitment to providing skilled patients care.

BHI throws light on how hearing impairment hits Alzheimer’s patients harder, by outlining the relation between the loss of hearing ability and cognitive dysfunction, in the reports of clinical studies on Alzheimer. Hearing impairment, if left untreated, doubles up the problems for the patients and their families. The older adults in North Virginia, who are Alzheimer’s patients, are prone to suffering from hearing loss. These older adults need to be treated with special personal care that only skilled care service givers such as BestCareHomeCare provide. Proper hearing aids coupled by good home care can help Alzheimer’s patients cope with the problems. BestCareHomeCare owes the distinction of meeting such challenges with unmatched efficacy to its trained and experienced professionals.

At BestCareHomeCare, hearing assessment tops the list of skilled care services for Alzheimer’s patients. By providing personalized home care to them, attending to their needs and address their problems, we make sure to make day-to-day life comfortable for them as much as possible. We follow the latest studies and surveys on Alzheimer’s disease to keep up with the scenario and stats in North Virginia. Studies show with evidence that severity of Alzheimer’s disease increases with hearing loss that, in turn, affects the patients’ spoken language ability. It further threatens them with emotional disturbance, psychological disorder, irritability, etc. Our Alzheimer’s patients care services are effective solutions to these problems.

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