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BestCareHomeCare is second home to kids with speech disability


Many kids in the age group of 5 to 10 years suffer from speech disorders, in Virginia alone. Not every school in Virginia has provisions to take special care of these kids. The mental development of these kids with speech disability is retarded at the early stage of growth as they find it difficult to express what is on mind. Speech ability enhancement services or programs are available at some schools in Virginia but without scientific value. These schools lack a lab and requisite speech therapy tools. However, there are some special organizations with commitment to fill in the void of speech therapy resources and training for kids in Virginia. BestCareHomeCare is one such reliable organization.

Speech enhancement programs require lots of patience that school teachers often fall short of. School-going kids should be trained in speech with care and affection that we at BestCareHomeCare ensure throughout the period of a therapeutic course. Our speech therapy professionals take special care of these kids as normal kids not as special ones. We do not categorize kids with any kind of speech disorder to any special category. Our therapeutic courses for speech problems in kids are coupled with love, affection and care that they need.

Speech disorder is of several types with varying intensity or severity. Some kids suffer from speech disability due to difficult utterance of some vowels or consonants. Uttering words that begin with those vowels or consonants is stressful to them. It impairs their speech ability and further stresses their minds. Some kids show symptoms of speech disorder due to some or the other neurological dysfunction of the brain. Identifying the exact cause of the problem is crucial to help kids develop normal speech ability. BestCareHomeCare makes sure to identify what causes a kid to suffer from impaired speech and determine the right speech therapy solution for the kid.

Our speech disorder treatments are conducted in a scientific process. Speech therapy techniques at BestCareHomeCare are more effective and powerful than those available in clinics and schools. Kids are given the speech ability improvement treatments in a playful manner so that kids can easily undergo the process. We are committed to make their lives easy and comfortable by improving the symptoms of speech disorder that they show.

BestCareHomeCare has partnered with the best of speech therapists and child psychologists in Virginia. We have developed therapeutic programs for kids in collaboration with the speech therapists and child psychologists on our team. The quality of the programs is testified through several measures of quality assessment. We make sure to remove the nuances of speech and communication that kids suffer from. Speech disability problems are addressed effectively at BestCareHomeCare. We have a dedicated research division that researches on speech problems in kids and betterment of speech therapy techniques. With our speech therapy professionals at work across Virginia, we are looking to bring more and more kids with speech disability under the purview of our service towards society.

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