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BestCareHomeCare is second home to patients of Parkinson’s disease


Parkinson’s disease is a major health concern in America. It is a severe movement disorder that results from disruption of the brain’s communication with the body muscles due to neurological malfunction of the body. The major symptoms of this chronic neurological disorder include stiffness of muscles, inflammation of muscles and difficulty moving. The symptoms surface slowly making it difficult to identify Parkinson’s disease in one. Needless to recount the known details of the disease; we need to focus on the grim picture of how this neurological disease is spreading all over America and affecting the population.

In the USA, the number of victims suffering from Parkinson’s disease ranges from 100 to 250 per 100,000. Isn’t it such a wide spread a growing concern? North Virginia is no exception in this respect. Putting a stop to the spread of the disease, mitigating risk factors and taking care of patients are the challenges in North Virginia. One of the leading organizations in North Virginia, BestCareHomeCare has taken up the challenges with due responsibility towards society and the wellbeing of patients. BestCareHomeCare is committed to serve society by providing skilled care and home care services to the victims of Parkinson’s disease.

Our care-taking personnel are trained professionals who are familiar with the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. They can decode the behavioral and mental disorders of these patients by reading their body language and observing their gestures. Care for patients without mental connect with them yields no positive result. Our experienced caretakers are prompt to build a mental connect with the affected persons, and that gives BestCareHomeCare a firm ground to stand out from other organizations in North Virginia. Treating the patients as family members and with personal home care makes it possible.

Parkinson’s disease has no medical cure. Skilled care to ensure a normal life for the people with this condition is the only cure. If they are not taken care of at the early stages, they are likely to be further affected by such complications as pneumonia and other risks. Our skilled home care services for this segment of the population in North Virginia are no less effective than medical treatments. Our services to the affected are backed by extensive research on Parkinson’s disease. For example, exposure to pesticides and copper, and the use of well water heighten the severity of the disease and increase the risk factors associated with the disease. By means of our skilled home care services, we make sure to keep the patients from such harmful exposure.

A total of 500,000 citizens in the United States are under the grasp of Parkinson’s disease, as per the latest report from the National Institutes of Health. This number is increasing with the diagnosis of 50,000 new cases every year.  The people aging between 50 and 65 are vulnerable to this neurological ailment. BestCareHomeCare is looking to serve this affected section of society in North Virginia.  BestCareHomeCare, a certified organization offering the best care services to the lonely and the diseased, is the second home to victims of Parkinson’s disease.

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