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BestCareHomeCare’s senior in-home care services also include dietary care


When people think of eating disorders, the most common image that comes to mind is the teenager who hits the gym, sticks to diets, and binges on junk food at the same time. While this may be the most common situation, it belies an important fact – eating disorders are also common among senior citizens. In fact, they are more vulnerable to eating disorders due to senility and the lack of dietary care. Recently, research has shown that the majority of anorexia-related deaths were among the elderly, not young people as one would expect. Such statistics present the need to stress the importance of senior in-home care services for the elderly. At BestCare Home Care, trained care givers provide home-based dietary care services. It is their firm belief that health is wealth for everyone, irrespective of age and gender.

Seniors are vulnerable to eating disorders for various reasons, but knowing the exact reason can help cure the problem. Loss of appetite is a most common aging problem causing eating disorder. If a healthy diet is not maintained at old age, it may cause senior citizens to suffer from malnutrition. Those who live on medication may find difficulty with digestion. Improper digestion often results in an eating disorder. Some elderly people often skip meals as they forget eating on time owing to dementia. Those who stay alone can maintain neither a healthy diet nor a timely dietary routine as they find cooking a tiresome job at their age and they have no one to cook for them. Care givers at BestCareHomeCare decide on senior in-home care services depending on the causes and problems.

The cause of eating disorders among many senior citizens is psychological. Both the elderly and the young may show the same symptoms of eating disorder, but causes may not necessarily be similar. Some senior citizens are so grieved over the death of some dear one that they psychologically get into the habit of avoiding meals and ignoring the eating routine. At such a critical juncture, they need good company and care to have a day-to-day health life. BestCareHomeCare provides the company of care givers to the lone elderly and grieved senior citizens.

In many cases, depression causes loss of appetite that in turn develops into an eating disorder. The depressed do not feel the need to eat timely and properly due to lack of motivation. The individuals living alone confront such a depressing situation. They badly need company, care and support to overcome the situation, motivate them for a happy living and feel alive again. Senior in-home care services are meant for these aging individuals who find little space in the present generation.

Many senior citizens have a misconception that they should eat less while aging. It is mainly because of their belief that the body’s immunity and digestive system become gradually weak with aging. Consequently, their good eating habit is discouraged. Eating less is not the solution. The solution is eating rightly, timely and properly. Not knowing this essential fact, they deprive themselves of health eating which is a pleasure even at old age. Educating this section of the elderly on the need of having a healthy diet and maintaining a timely eating habit is part of the senior in-home care services provided by BestCareHomeCare.

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