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BestCare’s Concierge Services for Seniors: We Make Your Life Better



BestCare Home Care’s elder concierge services can make difficult circumstances much easier. If you are a family caregiver who feels overwhelmed by the responsibilities of taking care of your loved one as well as handling the responsibilities in the rest of your life, we can help. If you have concerns about having your caregiver leave you to run errands, again, our concierge and errands services can put your mind at ease. Our concierge services for seniors also bridge an important gap and give families more options when caring for an aging family member. If hourly or live-in care is not necessary or feasible at this time, but you still need extra help, this is where our friendly, professional concierge team comes in. We can help you get stuff done so you can relax and focus your time and energy on the most important thing—your family.

Elder Concierge Services You Can Trust

Some of the most common responsibilities fulfilled by our concierge team are important, but potentially sensitive tasks such as picking up prescriptions and helping with mail, bills, filling out important forms, and going to doctors appointments. Naturally, you wouldn’t trust just anyone to help you with these time-intensive yet data-sensitive responsibilities. BestCare Home Care’s concierge services for seniors team is made up only of fully-vetted, trained professionals who uphold the utmost confidentiality and privacy standards to protect our clients and their families. Making extra sure our clients get the top-notch service and great care they need is our top priority. We have firmly established procedures and rules in place to ensure important forms, bills and prescriptions are handled properly so that nothing goes wrong and sensitive information stays confidential and protected. You and your loved one can rest easy, knowing these important tasks are being well handled.

Concierge and Errand Services: Little Things Mean a Lot

In addition to sensitive tasks, we take care of hundreds of other “little” things that can make a world of difference to the comfort and well being of your family during difficult times. We can help with shopping lists and pick up the groceries. We can go to the post office. We can make phone calls and appointments, pick up books at the library, help organize the pantry and check for expired items, and many, many other things. Just call us anytime at 703-497-2273 to ask about the things our concierge and errand services team can help with. Our main goal is to save you time and make your life easier so you can save some time and get some much-needed rest..

BestCare’s Elder Concierge Services: More Eyes, More Helping Hands

Another benefit of our elder concierge services is simply this: we provide another set of helping hands, and another set of caring eyes that can catch problems early and be there when your loved one needs help. This gives you an extra measure of peace when you need it.

Call us day or night at 703-497-2273—you will always get to talk with one of our compassionate team members, never an answering machine. When you need help, we are here for you.

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