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Fredericksburg Elder Care Services for Individuals and their Families

Statistics from the Census Bureau indicate that about 5 percent of people aged 65 and over live in some type of nursing home, assisted living, or congregate living facilities. Yet, over the past several years, and as the baby boomer generation starts to enter those ranks, many other elder care services options are emerging, one of which is skilled home care. Currently, almost 8 million people receive some level of home care, either due to a long-term illness, injury, or because age-related problems make it impossible to maintain the level of independence they enjoyed in previous years. BestCare’s Fredericksburg elder care services are able to help a wide range of seniors stay in their own homes longer, where they feel more comfortable and are able to maintain more independence.

Fredericksburg Elder Care Services

Maintaining as high a level of independence and comfort as possible is an enormous priority for many seniors, and this is one of the reasons so many are turning to home care. In-home elder care services are also more individualized and customizable than nursing care facilities. There are many seniors who simply need help running errands, doing housework and cooking meals. Still others (about 14% of seniors) suffer from at least one chronic condition that makes it hard for them to bathe or dress themselves or move safely about the home. Although there are many seniors who truly need more intensive care that cannot be provided in the home, BestCare’s elder care services in Fredericksburg can provide affordable, customized solutions that seniors and their families can rely on:

Best Care Home Care’s Fredericksburg Elder Care Services

Skilled Nursing Care

If your senior family member is struggling with health issues that do not require constant care in an official medical or nursing facility, skilled nursing care in the home is a very viable, affordable and preferable option. We have skilled home care nurses who can provide 24-hour care, or ones who can come to visit for a few hours a day, depending on your family member’s individual needs.

Physical Therapy

Our elder care services include professional physical therapists who can assist elders in improving their strength and range of motion particularly if they have suffered an injury. BestCare’s home care professionals want to improve our patient’s lives, not just help them get by.

Occupational Therapy

Our skilled occupational therapists help seniors gain more independence in their day-to-day living activities, from bathing, dressing and hygiene to recommending equipment like walkers, eating utensils and bathtub benches.

Speech Therapy

Helping seniors continue to be able to communicate effectively and swallow are critical areas of therapy, and our professional speech therapists help seniors maintain and improve skills in this area so that their needs can be better understood.

Medical Social Services

Our medical social workers are outstanding advocates for seniors, and this is one of the elder care services we consider crucial to patient experience. They are trained to evaluate the psychosocial needs of seniors and work with our team of professionals to ensure that each person receives the services they need to thrive.

Personal Care

Our elder care services professionals also provide a wide range of personal care services for seniors: everything from respite care for family caregivers to personal hygiene, light housework, meal preparation, transportation, important medical reminders and the simple treasure of companionship.

BestCare Home Care’s elder care services are customizable to your loved one’s needs, and that is the key: everybody is an individual. We understand that. Please call us at (540) 642-0270, and we will answer the phone. You will never have to wade through an automated calling system with us—one of our home care professionals is always here to answer your questions and get you the help you need!

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