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How BestCareHomeCare services are different from nursing home services


‘Skilled nursing’ and ‘skilled care’ are two common terms that we are familiar with in everyday life. Medical patients in general and senior citizens in particular are in need of these services. Many of us often confuse between skilled nursing service and skilled care service. Most of the times, we use these services interchangeably. Are these services different ones? If yes, where is the difference? And, what is it? A little discussion will give a fair idea of the difference between skilled care and skilled nursing.

Skilled nursing is a general healthcare service facility, available at nursing homes and hospitals. Patients are given this service when they are admitted to a nursing home and treated there. Such privately run healthcare units where patients are shifted to in emergency cases or critical conditions, often fall short of providing skilled care to the patients. Skilled nursing service facilities are recommended for critical patients.

Skilled care refers to the service that professional caregivers of such organizations as BestCareHomeCare provide to patients and senior citizens in homely environment. In this case, a person is taken care of in the comfy interior of his or her house. They are not required to shift to any nursing home. From this perspective, it is better to term the service “skilled home care”. This specific service is full of benefits for senior citizens who have no one to look after them, and the working people who are too busy to take care of their old-aged parents.

There is a fine line of distinction between the healthcare service provided by nursing homes and the care that BestCareHomeCare offers with commitment. Organizations like BestCareHomeCare offers not only healthcare service but also personal care service, mental care service, hourly care service, etc. Each of these services is home based skilled care. People of different age groups are given care on hourly basis, daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis, at their own residence. Is there any alternative to such personal level home care service?

Patients stay in nursing homes as long as treatment continues. If the health condition is not so critical, the period of stay in nursing homes is limited. In contrast to this, people can choose from the various packages of BestCareHomeCare services for as long as they wish. They are served as per their needs, treated for any physical or mental disorder by professionals, and given care with individual attention within the four walls of their homes. Is there any place more comfortable than one’s home?

Quality of service, whether it is skilled nursing or home-based skilled care, is a concern with many. If you choose to avail home care services from BestCareHomeCare, quality is not questionable. The care-giving professionals registered with this certified organization provide high-level care to senior citizens and patients just like their own family members. Affordability is another reason for the growing popularity of skilled care services at BestCareHomeCare. The reach of BestCareHomeCare and its services spans widely from Virginia to Prince William, Loudon, Wood Bridge, Arlington and Winchester. Are not these ample reasons to rest your choice on this organization?

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