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Living Assistance Services

Our Living Assistance Services Help Seniors Stay Independent and Healthy While Relieving Stress for Family Members…

living assistance services

Families seeking assisted living in Woodbridge, VA often struggle with the meaning of the term itself. Assisted living, or living assistance services can cover a broad range of things from a few hours of care spread out over the typical week, all the way to live-in care services. The reasons behind the need for assisted living services also vary from family to family, making it even harder to define the term. A family struggling to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s may well have very different needs from a family who needs care for a loved one recuperating from knee replacement surgery. Here at Best Care Home Care, we strive to understand the unique nature of each situation and can provide the level of service that fits your family’s definition of assisted living in Woodbridge, VA.

Our living assistance services are configurable to each family’s needs. Live-in care, for example, can be designed for either short-term or long-term needs, depending upon the situation. A short-term, live-in caregiver can provide peace of mind as a loved one recuperates from an injury or surgery, for example. Or respite live-in care can provide a much needed vacation for stressed and exhausted family caregivers who need to go and recharge their batteries. We also have Best Care Home Care team members who can provide long-term live-in care services. These compassionate, licensed professionals not only provide the medical and personal care elders need, right in their own homes; they become trusted companions who can help them maintain their comfortable routines and social connections while providing a listening ear when family members cannot be there. In many cases, our living assistance services enable elders to stay in their own homes longer than would otherwise be possible.

Best Care Home Care also provides a range of hourly care assisted living services that can be tailored to each family’s particular needs. One of our skilled caregivers can stop by at an appointed time a few times a week, or every day for a few hours to ensure that a family member’s health or recovery plans are on track. They can also provide a trained eye that can catch problems early so that the family and the doctor can be informed in a timely manner to avoid complications.

Our definition of assisted living in Woodbridge, VA also covers companionship and concierge services. Perhaps your loved one simply needs a companion who can be there a few times a week to provide conversation and help around the house while you’re at work or taking care of other responsibilities. Our companions can come in to discuss the events of the day, help with hobbies, go through the kitchen and medicine cabinets to make sure nothing has expired, or simply read and discuss books together. Our concierge service can help family caregivers feel less overwhelmed by all of their responsibilities by helping out with errands, making appointments and phone calls, shopping, getting prescriptions filled, and more.

The main goal with our living assistance services is to help our families and their loved ones experience less stress, have peace of mind and be able to enjoy living at home for as long as possible. Families can also choose a professional caregiver that best understands their needs and fits their temperament.

In short, we can fit your definition of assisted living in Woodbridge, VA, whatever it entails.

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