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Making a Difference: Elderly Care and Other Home Health Care Jobs

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According to U.S. Labor Department predictions, the demand for health care and social service care jobs is expected to explode over the next few years. As the Baby Boom generation ages, forecasts indicate that at least 5.6 million caregiver jobs will be created by 2020—representing a growth of nearly 34.5 percent, outstripping forecasted growth in technology jobs by about 5 percent. With more elderly people choosing to spend their golden years at home in spite of chronic and difficult health concerns, it is clear that highly-skilled, incredibly compassionate workers will be needed to fill these elderly care jobs over the coming years; and there is no better place to start that most fulfilling career than with BestCare Home Care.

Many Kinds of Elderly Care Jobs

Making a career of helping the elderly is a decision to make a difference in people’s lives that can touch generations. We are always looking for compassionate, highly-skilled team members who are registered nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists, as well as specialists who provide expertise for our patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions. In addition, we frequently need medical social services workers as well as companionship and concierge specialists to serve our elderly patients and their families. The field of caregiver jobs, and particularly elderly care jobs, is widening all the time with the increasing population of elderly who require these services. These jobs are incredibly fulfilling because every day you are relieving pain, removing stress, lifting spirits and helping people stay comfortable in their own homes for as long as possible.

Other Home Health Care Jobs

In addition to elderly care jobs, there is an increasing demand for many other types of home health care jobs also. In addition to serving the elderly, for example, we also serve families who have children with special needs. Our team currently includes (and needs) home health care members who specialize in helping children with Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. Some of these home health care jobs include nurses, speech therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapist, special education teachers, nutritionists and social workers. Our goal with each of these children is to provide the resources they and their families need to help them reach their full potential. These are incredibly rewarding careers for professionals with big hearts and high skill levels in these fields.

The Right Stuff for Caregiver Jobs

BestCare Home Care’s caregiver team is made up of people with a passion for helping people. Naturally, we expect all of our caregivers to meet the most stringent professional standards and levels of expertise in their field—but the one thing that really sets our team members apart is that passion for helping people—that passion for making people’s lives better, no matter what the circumstances. We are constantly looking for professionals who love to help other people to fill a wide range of caregiver jobs requiring many levels of experience and expertise.

If helping people is your passion, we have a place for you here at BestCare Home Care. From elderly care jobs to other specialized home health care jobs, we would like to talk with you about joining our caring, compassionate team. Call us at703-672-7370 to find out more about our current opportunities for caregiver jobs.

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