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Medical Social Services

Medical Social Services Help Make the Transition from the Hospital to Home Care Safer and Less Stressful

medical social services

Patients and their families can often feel a little nervous, or even alarmed, at the speed with which hospital discharges happen after an illness or injury. The patient may worry that they haven’t recuperated enough yet and that they may still need on-the-spot medical help after they go home. Families worry that they may not have the skills or resources necessary to handle a post-hospital care situation at home. This is where Best Care Home Care’s medical social services can help. Our medical social services team provides critical help with this hospital-to-home transition so that families and their loved ones can relax and know they have access to the help they need after leaving the hospital and transitioning to home care.

The role of medical social services in progressing from hospital to home care is critical. In the days before the patient is scheduled to go home, one of our medical social workers meets with patients and their families, their doctors and therapists in order to paint the “big picture” of what a patient will need after they are discharged from the hospital. This involves understanding the patient’s medical needs and situation, the extent of their family and social network, and their psychological and mental needs. These meetings enable our social worker to connect the patient and their family with resources they will need for a successful recuperation or ongoing home care situation.

Because the emotional and mental outlook or situation of a patient is one of the most critical aspects determining the success of their recovery, our medical social services professionals make this one of their top priorities. The good news about transitioning out of hospital care and into home care is that, generally speaking, most patients would rather recover at home because it is more comfortable there. Their families can visit them more easily and they have familiar surroundings to boost their morale. On the other hand, several factors may impede or complicate recovery at home as well. Depending on the illness or injury, the structure of the home, or other family, cultural or religious factors, arrangements may need to be made at home to better accommodate the recovery. Our medical social workers can assess physical layout of the home, as well as cultural, and religious aspects of a home recovery, and then help with arrangements and resources that can ensure that the patient is comfortable and has the support network they need for optimum emotional and mental well-being.

In addition to seeing to the emotional well-being of patients going home from the hospital, our medical social services professionals play an important role in ensuring that the medical aspect of a home care plan goes smoothly. First of all, they can coordinate the various home care medical resources that may come into the home. Just as importantly, they can also help the patient and family members understand the medical reasons behind the things they need to do at home to ensure the patient’s recovery goes well. They can explain the disease or injury and assess how well the patient and family understand the issues and provide access to other resources that may be helpful.

In everything we do, Best Care Home Care’s medical social services team always puts the needs of the patient first. We advocate for the patient and serve as a vital intermediary, linking them to the resources they and their families need as they go from the hospital back home.

Call us at 703-497-CARE (2273) if you have any concerns about how to make the transition from hospital to home an easier one for your loved one. There is always someone here to provide the support and peace of mind you need.

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