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More than Just a Winchester Senior Care Agency: Home Care in Winchester for Special Needs Children

BestCare Home Care’s reputation as a superior Winchester senior care agency is unmatched, but our services extend far beyond caring for seniors. We help families throughout the area with special needs children too. We have amazing trained professionals who provide home care in Winchester for children with Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy also. Our multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, therapists and educators can provide important resources to help families help their children reach their full potential, while providing that much-needed respite care for family members during times of overwhelming stress.

Like all of the professionals that work with our Winchester senior care agency, we and our team of therapists and caregivers who focus on providing these specialized services for children with special needs have been there. We have special-needs children of our own, so we “get it” on a very deep level. We understand the difficult adjustment period families go through when they bring home a special needs child and stand ready to help. We give a listening ear for parents, help them access special resources, and provide compassionate home care that helps children and their families thrive.

Home Care in Winchester for Down Syndrome

Children with Down Syndrome can grow to lead very productive, joyful lives, especially if given the therapy and love they need right from the beginning. BestCare Home Care’s occupational, speech, physical and educational therapists specialize in understanding how each individual child with Down Syndrome learns and experiences the world around them. Making sure children with Down Syndrome get early therapeutic interventions like these, and helping parents and other family members with services to relieve the stress of adjusting, and can make a world of positive difference in their lives.

For Children with Cerebral Palsy: Home Care in Winchester

Cerebral Palsy is a condition that occurs when there is an injury to the brain during fetal or early infant development. Neurological damage usually affects the body’s muscle coordination, and can also significantly impact other areas of development. Children with cerebral palsy usually have intensive personal care needs that can be stressful for family members. BestCare Home Care’s professionals are there to help so that everything runs more smoothly. The important thing to realize is that children with cerebral palsy often have great potential inside, and simply need the right type of individualized therapy to help them reach it. Our team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, therapists (speech, physical, occupational), social workers, and special education teachers have helped hundreds of these amazing children (and their families) enjoy reaching their potential.

Home Care in Winchester for Autism-Spectrum Disorders

According to data from the CDC, one out of every 110 children struggle with Autism, or Autism-spectrum disorders. This developmental condition can cause children to struggle with language, behavior and social skills. Again, early professional, therapeutic intervention can help these children cope with stressful situations and reach their greatest potential.

Along with our talented group of physicians and therapists who help special-needs children and their families get the most out of every day together, our respite care team and concierge services can remove significant burdens from family caregivers who need down-time in order to perform at their best. BestCare Home care, in addition to being an outstanding Winchester senior care agency, is ready to serve all families in the area with their special home care needs.

You can call us anytime, day or night, at 540-409-4622 to talk with a professional caregiver who understands you. Let us put you in touch with our outstanding resources for special needs children today.

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