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Nursing Care at Home

Struggling to Find a Good Nursing Home in Virginia? Nursing Care at Home May Be a Better Option

nursing care at home

When a beloved family member reaches a point in life where some of the ordinary activities of the day become difficult or even impossible due to age, injury or illness, the family begins to agonize over how to best ensure the health, safety and quality of life for their loved one as long as possible. The question of finding a nursing home in Virginia can be a difficult one because it means so many changes, both for the person and their entire family. And while there are certainly circumstances where a nursing home is the best option for a family, nursing care at home is another choice that may work even better for many families.

One of the greatest benefits of nursing care at home is that it means less change and disruption for the patient and their family. Depending upon the situation, this can be one of the most important considerations in a person’s ability to thrive. Moving a loved one into a nursing home in Virginia means packing and sorting belongings, setting up a new life in new, unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar faces, and not getting to see family and friends as much as before. This can be a traumatic, painful experience mentally and emotionally, and may complicate a patient’s recovery. Best Care Home Care has a wide variety of options for providing nursing care at home that can help families avoid, or at least postpone the need to transition a family member to institutionalized care. From hourly care visits by professional nurses a few times a week, to physical therapists, to live-in nursing care, we can help your family make the decision that causes the least disruption and difficulty for everyone involved.

Another benefit of nursing care at home with a certified agency such as Best Care Home Care is that we help your loved one enjoy as much independence as possible. They are able to enjoy the comfortable and nurturing surroundings of their own home, receive visitors and family as they wish, and, unless there is some medical reason against it, enjoy the activities and outings that make them feel like themselves. Although there are many high quality nursing homes in Virginia that provide activities and amenities for the people who live there, these are often prohibitively expensive and often come with restrictions on outside travel and visiting times.

The costs for nursing care at home vs. full-time nursing homes in Virginia can also be an important factor in making this decision. Depending on the level of care needed, nursing care at home can be significantly less expensive than living full-time in a nursing home in Virginia, which can run anywhere from $69,000 to $78,000 on average, according to a survey done by Genworth Financial*. And unlike nursing home care, home care can be more configurable to the needs of the patients and their families.

If your family is currently struggling with questions surrounding the decision to move a loved one into a nursing home in Virginia, please call us at 703-497-2273 first. This is such an important decision that it is crucial, for the well-being of your loved one, to get all of the information you can. We understand what a hard decision this can be, and want to help lower your stress levels. We are always here to chat whenever you need a listening ear.


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