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Our best care & home care services for the old, the lonely and the retired


Home care is what senior citizens need most at the twilight phase of their lives. Children looking to pursue their ambitions often leave their aging parents to themselves. This is a bitter fact. Such is the unpleasant scenario even in North Virginia, the USA. North Virginia houses old age homes for the senior citizens who have no one to look after them. However, most of the old-aged citizens are strictly opposed to the idea of moving to old age homes and that of leaving the comfort of home behind. Who would take care of them and their daily needs is a big question to them too? BestCareHomeCare is committed to look after this section of society across North Virginia by providing all sorts of quality care – home care, personal care, wound care, diabetic care, housekeeping care, etc.

Of the total population (8,001,024, according to the 2010 report from the U.S. Census Bureau) of Virginia, a whopping number of 967937 citizens age over 65 years and more or less 122403 citizens are in the age bracket of 85 years. Based on the figures of these two age-groups, it is not difficult to assume the percentage of those citizens who suffer from loneliness, boredom and lack of care, in North Virginia. Though they have relatives, friends and neighbors to stand by them in times of need, everyone in the rat race is too busy to think of the other, stand by the other or do something for the other in day-to-day life. Is it an undeniable fact? BestCareHomeCare has taken the responsibility of serving them and fulfilling their needs in daily life, like their family members.

Our services such as home care, wound care, respite care, intravenous therapy, companionship, housekeeping etc, are packaged in our noble social campaigns for the old, the lonely, the retired and others in North Virginia. The way we take care of them from different perspectives builds a bond between them and BestCareHomeCare. It is our human approach to serving them that makes the professionals of BestCareHomeCare feel connect with them. Our mission and vision is to make North Virginia a happy home for this segment of society. We provide attendants, caretakers and companions who are professionals in service to the senior citizens but with a personal touch.

Senior citizens love the warmth, not confinement of their homes. Like others, they too love going out to shop for various things, visiting fairs or festivals and getting around the city or town wherein they live. Does anyone ever think what will become of them if they are left alone outside the known boundaries? The rising number of road accidents in North Virginia is a matter of fear, and a threat to the lives of senior citizens. Our companionship service is better than the best solution to this worrying problem, thereby mitigating risks from road accidents. Our caretakers keep their company within the four walls of homes and accompany them wherever they go out. Our motto is to ensure their security, comfort and good health through our best care & home care services.

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