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Senior Care Agency

A Good Senior Care Agency Can Help Aging Parents and Their Children Prepare for Inevitable Life Changes More Gracefully…

It can be an unsettling experience for adult children to suddenly realize that their aging parents are starting to have trouble caring for themselves. Sometimes the realization comes on slowly, as children visit and notice that plants haven’t been watered, there is rotting food in the fridge, or bills aren’t getting paid. Sometimes an accident or sudden illness jolts adult children into this realization. At one time or another, however, the vast majority of us will have to grapple with how to help our parents maintain as much dignity and independence as possible as they age. A senior care agency can help families find answers to these tough questions and help them find solutions that ease the difficulties of aging.

The best time to think about, discuss and plan for senior care services is before an emergency happens with elderly parents. During an emergency, decisions have to be made in a rush, which may end up costing families a lot in terms of both quality of life and money. And yet, starting a conversation with aging parents about these issues can be uncomfortable and emotionally difficult for all involved. If a parent is suffering from something like Alzheimer’s, these decisions can be even more jarring for adult children as they are now placed into a decision-making role over their parents. That is why it is so important to have the foresight to talk with parents before it becomes too hard for them to express themselves so that their families know ahead of time what their parents’ wishes are.

While there is no getting round the discomfort of the subject, there are ways of making these conversations easier and more productive. Call our senior care agency for ideas and suggestions on how to proceed if the task seems too difficult to surmount. Probably the most important advice we can give, however, is to set aside a time where everyone is relaxed and there won’t be any other distractions. Just as critically: remember that your parents are still your parents. Although age-related problems may be making it difficult for them to get around, think clearly or do the things they always used to do, they are adults with opinions and feelings. They want to be involved in the decision making process for how they want to live the rest of their lives. So talk with them, not at them. Listen to them and ask them what they want, and then go from there. In our experience, some of these well-planned conversations about senior care services have become real bonding experiences for families.

There are also several ways to naturally work into a comfortable, but frank discussion about senior care issues. If you notice them having trouble navigating any part of the house (like the stairs) you can ask them about their health, their last appointment with the doctor, or any pain they may be experiencing. From there, you can ask about difficulties they may be having with insurance, prescriptions or finances. It is also important to be on the lookout for signs that it may be time to discuss engaging the services of a senior care agency:


  • Difficulty going up and down the stairs
  • Impaired vision or hearing
  • Household chores or yard work not getting done, or being done to a lower standard than your parents are used to doing them
  • Burnt meals, moldy or rotting food in the fridge, or expired food in the cupboards
  • Getting behind on bills or important paperwork
  • Missed appointments

Even if none of these signs are present at the time, adult children with parents nearing their 70s should prepare to have these conversations now anyway. As noted earlier, it is always best to prepare ahead of time for senior care services, rather than leaving these important decisions to the last minute, or having to make them on the spot during an emergency. Best Care Home Care is a senior care agency that always has a listening ear ready for you. With many years of experience in helping people get the care they need, in their own homes, while preserving their dignity and independence, we can help anyone who needs to start this conversation with their parents.

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