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Real picture of skilled nursing services of health agencies in Virginia

skilled nursing services

When we reach old age and become senile, various physical issues, minor or major, surface. Simple in-home care often falls short of addressing the physical issues. We need skilled care facilities at home, to meet our special needs and combat health issues. Skilled care facilities or skilled nursing services are provided by health agencies. With the growth of healthcare agencies, several care-giving options for elders have emerged. However, there are some myths which we have confused with the real picture of in-home skilled nursing service. Let’s be clear about it.

If I am not able to take self care, skilled nursing is the only alternative:

Skilled nursing is not only an alternative to self care but also a need of healthy living in the years of senility. It is the most feasible option to provide medicinal and dietary care to older adults at home. In-home care giving is the best care that a health care agency providing skilled nursing services promises. It may be assisted living for the lonely elders too. To be precise, it is more than an alternative.

Health agencies in Virginia are for those who are not cared about:

It is right that caring for the older members is a duty of other members in the family. However, in today’s fast-paced life and nuclear families people find it difficult to carry out their duties for the aging parents. We often blame them for neglecting their duties. They are torn between demanding professional life and essential family responsibilities. If they approach a health care agency and arrange homecare services for their parents, it is an informed decision. If our busy schedule and professional priorities do not permit us to care for the special needs of older adults in families, hiring skilled nursing service is the best we can do for them.

Healthcare agencies are not reliable for caregiving which a family member provides:

This myth may be true about few agencies, not all health agencies in Virginia. In-home care service providers like BestCareHomeCare are inspired by the value of service to the elders and their responsibility towards society. They are licensed and certified for excellence. Make sure to check certification for your own satisfaction before handing over your care-giving responsibility to any of them. The records of skilled nursing and healthcare agencies are available and accessible too. Go through them to take the right decision.

Health agencies are not equipped and efficient enough to provide skilled nursing services:

This is another myth that makes us doubt the promises made by a healthcare agency for elders. Certified health agencies are technologically equipped and technically efficient to deliver on their promises. The care-giving and skilled nursing infrastructure at BestCareHomeCare is upgraded with the latest medical technology. So, there is no question about their efficiency and responsibility. They are passionate about their services and particular about the quality. BestCareHomeCare has been able to manage a reputed position among the health agencies in Virginia.

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