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What makes us the best health care agency in Virginia


Alzheimer’s patients need personal care more than medicinal care. The level of personal care varies depending on the stage of the Alzheimer’s disease. Victims of this disease are as sensitive as children and need to be treated in a very soft manner which our personal care Virginia professionals are well-versed in doing. BestCare Home Care boast a team of highly trained professionals who work with Alzheimer’s patients and are trained to provide them with the best care. Alzheimer’s disease can broadly be categorized in seven stages – no impairment, very mild cognitive decline, mild cognitive decline, moderate cognitive decline, moderately severe cognitive decline, severe cognitive decline, and very severe cognitive decline.

Our services are not limited to personal care for the patients of Alzheimer’s disease. Over the past year, we have pushed the limits to extend the range of our personal care Virginia services. Each individual with Alzheimer’s progresses differently, and caring for them requires patience. We are the best health care agency Virginia to provide services in sync with their needs regardless of the stage. We have brought under our purview the need to identify the symptoms of the patients at different stages and treat them accordingly. Our residential treatment Virginia services are designed and modeled in alignment with the intensity or severity of the Alzheimer’s disease. Our professionals are too careful to ignore even the mildest symptom or sign of either health deterioration or development of the patients under our care.

The most important part of personal care for Alzheimer’s patients is to give them the prescribed medication on time. Our homecare services Virginia professionals are always mindful of their duty to take care of the patients in this respect. Timely medicinal treatment is critical, so much so, that our highly trained caregivers note when a particular medicine is to be administered to a patient.

BestCare Home Care provides residential caregiver services Virginia to those Alzheimer’s patients who live alone. Needless to say, life itself becomes very risky for the lone patients. As they forget, at times, their own names and identity, they can go anywhere and do anything at any time. It is evident they need the 24-hour residential care we specialize in. Our residential care agenda includes taking dietary, medicinal, personal, and household care of the patients. In collaboration with experts, we have developed highly professional in-home healthcare Virginia service training modules for our care-giving professionals.

These are the reasons why we claim to be the best health care agency in Virginia. To be the best in service, not in name, has always been our mission and vision.

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