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To Be There: The Berryville Senior Care Agency Where Companionship is Key



Sometimes a compassionate listening ear and a helping hand is all it takes to make life worth living. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have gathered statistics showing that almost 15 percent of seniors suffer from minor depression. Even with the qualifier “minor” tacked on to it, seniors who are facing illness, loneliness and grief at losing friends or family face a struggle against depression that can literally affect the length and quality of their lives. BestCare Home Care in Berryville understands the problem intimately. So in addition to having a team of highly-qualified nurses, physicians and therapists of all kinds to help with health care issues, our Berryville senior care agency has a robust companionship service that attends to the mental and emotional health of those we care for.

Our companionship team can provide an important connection and anchor for seniors and their families. We work with many families who care for their loved one’s needs as best they can, but at the end of the day, they are spent—and often struggle with guilt that they cannot be there even more than they already are. This is where we can help. Our companions have been there and they understand. Our Berryville senior care agency helps families interview and select a companion or companions who best fit with the interests and needs their seniors.

Our companion caregivers connect with seniors and spend time doing things with them that bring joy and fun into their lives. They can play cards or board games together with your family member. They can rent and watch movies together, read books together or discuss the latest news or interesting historical events. They can participate in arts and crafts projects together. They can help take care of houseplants and help with walking and mobility. They can help your loved one organize their recipes, photos albums, scrapbooks or even help organize their pantry or medicine chest to make sure nothing has expired. Most of all, our companions can listen, chat, and show the warmth and concern that every one of us need at any age, but particularly during our senior years. This extra, personalized touch is what really sets BestCare Home Care in Berryville apart from the rest.

Our Berryville senior care agency companions not only bring joy and companionship to the seniors we serve, but they can also be an important link to other services your loved one may need. Because they are closely intertwined with all of our professional caregivers here at BestCare Home Care in Berryville, if they notice anything that may be wrong, they can keep you informed and put you in touch with resources that can help, such as various therapists or medical social services. They can be there and be your eyes and ears during those times when you can’t be there.

You can talk with us about our Berryville senior care agency companionship services anytime it is convenient for you. Call us at 703-497-2273, day or night, and you always get to talk with a real person, never an answering machine. Put your loved one in touch with one of our great companions today.

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