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Understanding Palliative Care, Treatment & Nursing


Compassionate nursing is aimed at lessening or preventing patients’ suffering, especially from incurable diseases. Patients who see death cruelly staring in their eyes need more than medical treatment to fight their emotional agony and gnawing. Palliative care is a way to address both physical and psychological aspects of their ailments. This holistic form of medical care needs an in-depth understanding of comprehensive nursing. The professionals entrusted with the responsibility of offering such care must have ability to understand the patients’ needs and make them feel comfortable in truest sense.

Palliative Home Care – Underlying Objectives

In-home healthcare sounds a pragmatic choice for the old people, no matter whether they are in good health or ailing, if they have none in the family to take care of them round the clock. The objective of Palliative homecare is to provide the ailing patients with comprehensive nursing and care to improve the quality of their life until death. Most of the time, families fail to understand that these people need special attention and care. They are under heavy mental pressure as they are well aware that death is almost knocking on their door.

The family members think they can perform nursing for their old and ill elders but in reality, we see a different picture. As they have other duties to deal with, it is unlikely for them to closely monitor these patients’ conditions 24×7 hours. Moreover, they are not expert at nursing and these non-medical aspects should be left to those who are specialists and well-trained in this niche. By opting for a Home Health Care support system, it is possible to give them some relief from their physical pain and mental stress.

How Palliative Nursing Works?

Palliative nursing takes care of both physiological and psychological aspects of patients’ care, which effectively bring cheer and delight in the face of stress, worry and frustration of the patients. These professionals are qualified, skilled and have expertise in nursing. In addition, they are patient and understanding. The mental support provided by these experts at the time when someone is suffering from terminal disease is invaluable and appreciable. BestCareHomeCare has trained professionals who make the patients’ life happy and pleasant until they breathe their last.

A treatment is believed to produce palliative effect only if the patient in question experiences physical relief from some symptoms like breathlessness and pain. It is never going to suggest that such care cures the disease. For instance, chemotherapy is recommended to treat the cancer patients. However, it has turned out that chemotherapy produces several side effects like frustration, nausea and many others. Skilled nursing care could deal with both these negative physical and emotional effects of chemotherapy.


All medicines are meant to produce a curative effect. On other end, concept of palliative treatment and nursing is interestingly new. It is understood to have emerged during hospice movement though these days, is used to look after the patients at home. These patients may be living on their own in isolation from their kith and kin or depend on assisted living facilities. Despite the fact that palliative care never kills the cause of disease, it is widely used to successfully keep patients’ suffering to a possible minimum.

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